3D Printed Homes – Here’s What We Know About these 3D Printed Houses

3D Printed Homes – Here’s What We Know About these 3D Printed Houses

3D Printed Homes – Here’s What We Know About the 3D Printed Community in Latin America

Until now, the mysterious location of the 3D Printed Community in Latin America is still unknown. But, the site was said to be revealed until the construction is finished. So, more people are getting curious about thus 3D Printed Community project.

A small community of fifty farmers and weavers is soon will be getting new homes – 3D printed homes to be exact! These homes will be built in 24 hours by the Fuseproject, a design firm based in San Francisco. The design firm is working together with New Story, which is a non-profit organization and ICON, a construction technology company.

Purpose of the Project: The 3D Printed Community has small houses having configured frames to ensure that it can accommodate different family sizes. In fact, these houses could be 3D printed in less a day. According to New Story, the significant reasons behind the project is to lower the cost of a housing than the traditional building and to tack;e the housing problem more quickly since over a billion of people are currently living without a safe shelter.

Project Details

New Story confirmed that the house would be built at a more affordable cost when compared to the standard low-cost housing. These home are currently built in the developing world, costing around $7,000. Based on the released video by the non-profit, the designs are filled with architectural and light details.

Yves Behar, Founder of Fuseproject, says that the walls of the houses can be shaped to provide multiple functionalities. For example, a shower stall can be created so that sharp corners will be avoided. As for the customization, the homeowners can paint the exterior concrete with different colors so that the house will not have a cookie-cutter look or even specify the two-or-three-bedroom plan.

Nonetheless, the design firm says that the 3D Printed Community project will work to those who are living in the undisclosed community to ensure that the housing options will make sense for their unique environment and learn more about their culture.


The design firm used the latest 3D technology and unique designs to deliver solutions to the primary issues in the community related to family structure, climate, and the role of the homes to create a larger community. The design firm also notes that based on the project description, families who have less than $200 income per month, access to housing that can shelter them against physical and environmental danger is essential.

Similar designs used for the 3D Printed Community in Latin America can also help in bringing more affordable housing to the communities in the United States. Icon, an Austin-based startup and created the 3D printer used in the project, is also planning to work domestically.

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