3D Printing Pen – Russian Artist Makes Sculpture using 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen – Russian Artist Makes Sculpture using 3D Printing Pen

Russian Artist Makes Sculpture Through a 3D Printing Pen

Ekaterina Dobrolyubova Russian artist is a homeschooling mom who makes use of a 3Doodler 3 dimensional pen not just to teach her kids subjects like physics and math but also to make remarkable classical sculptures.

Ekaterina Dobrolyubova resides in Moscow and gives details that she has been doing sculpting since she was young. However, her parents weren’t supportive of her passion; that is why she was pressured to stud at Moscow State Pedagogical University to study mathematics. But, she is continued to pander to creative pursuit during her free time.

She started her venture into this kind of sculpting by watching YouTube and sites dedicated to 3Doodler. By the point she got a pen, she knew precisely how to utilise it. In an interview, she told that there are many reasons why she was drawn to 3Doodler likeable to alter the size of the nozzle as well as the foot pedal that allows her to keep her hands concentrated on creating.

She creates dazzling classical sculptures with the application of a 3Doodler 3D printing pen.

The method of making a usual figure begins right in the air. First, she sets up a base frame and then starts to put in the volume. Then she puts in small details, which include stunningly slight color transitions. Amazing transitions of colours are made layer by layer.

She puts that in once she got the newest 3 Doodler model, she had lots of hues to play with. The trick she uses for making the color transition is to put in many layers to a single part, like for instance beginning with fawn base, putting in the light pink layer, add more beige gradually, this leads to a blushing cheek.

This art can be finished in one day. But, bigger pieces take one week or more, it all depends on the hours she dedicates. If creations are sitting on her table, she keeps on improving it and puts in small touches regularly.

When Ekaterina Dobrolyubova asked what occurs if she makes mistakes, she said the whole you find not perfect can be changed easily, a bad line can be corrected fast. You can heat by a hairdryer, a fire, heated nozzle of 3-dimensional pens. A piece that is not successful can be eliminated; you can do it by cutting off using a tool or turn it off using a 3Doodler nozzle. Then it can be drawn by a three-dimension handle once again. It is easy and straightforward.”

After such an effort, Ekaterina Dobrolyubova explains that usually, she is thrilled with her job. But, being a sculptor using 3Doodler isn’t cheap. This Russian artist doesn’t want to sell her masterpieces. But, she is looking forward to collaborating with gallery owners to show her work to the public.

To make the sculpting process faster, in the coming years, she plans to utilise a 3-dimensional printer to make the base then put in detail using a 3-dimensional printing pen. Ekaterina Dobrolyubova explains that she is already started learning ZBrush to know where to begin.

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