Ashley Furniture – How 3D Printing Revolutionised Production Process

Ashley Furniture – How 3D Printing Revolutionised Production Process

Ashley Furniture – How 3D Printing Revolutionised Production Process

Established in the year 2005, Ashley Furniture is one of the best furniture company worldwide. Located in Wisconsin, the company starts in the year 1970 with thirty-five workers and keeps on growing. In fact, today, it has 900 stores worldwide.

Ashley Furniture produces more than 300,000 pieces of furniture weekly, and as the operation moves at a fast pace,  the company did not just concentrate on effectiveness but also continued development and the capability to consider exceptional solutions to issues which might be typical.

Factories depend on robots for several works, but 3-dimensional printing has dropped onto the facility floor and slowly reorganized the process of manufacturing from fabrication to assemblage, keeping in line with the company dedicated to continuing competitive as well as embracing progressive systems and combining them.

Casegood operation senior director Vaughn Pieters stated, “If they do not have that custom of change that is going to begin to forbid their development. They have to be eager to know what the change is going to be, and know how to fit that into the processes as well as an operation- and teach their workers why they need that change and how they can make it as well as empower workers to help them make it.

3D printing is the best example of their dedication to better as well as more convenient production process. Ashley Furniture has always been very eager to listen to their workers with ideas, most especially those who cut costs and time and let for more creativity as well as better productivity.

3D printing allows this furniture firm to adapt components with ease to stop operator recommendations. And the more workers know more about 3-dimensional printing, the fresher the ideas and notions they arise with, together with ways on how to boost production further.

The fact that there has been a lack of help and support, however, this furniture company has had to know more about the latest tech like 3D printing and robotics and put it together into their company. Their version of operating wiser has been to rely on heavy and physical labor to robots, while workers can work and utilize their minds. Also, 3-dimensional printing allows for massive savings in time like when presenting the latest SKU, and engineers can adopt a style fast and rapidly for production.

According to Konkel, they have replaced fixtures which are 3 feet by 6 feet with a bin system, set up time just takes two-minute. It frees their jib builders from recurring job to work on pressing problems, from hectic job to search for a more demanding item. Things such as automation and 3D printing make the task easier for the workers so that it is not just weighty and not very industrial.

Processes became smoother when Ashley Furniture Company opts to Formlabs Form 2 3D printer. A lot of furniture products could be made in house, as well as with better presentation and surface superiority. Both Formlabs 3 dimensional printers on-site run forty hours weekly.