CELLINK Presents Tissue Model Kits along with Antibodies and Bioinks

CELLINK Presents Tissue Model Kits along with Antibodies and Bioinks

CELLINK Presents Tissue Model Kits along with Antibodies and Bioinks

3D bioprinter company CELLINK has recently launched new tissue model kits that offer their valued customers with the highest quality tissue-specific antibodies and bioinks.

As the first bioink company in the world, CELLINK has announced the launch of their CELLINK LIVER KIT and CELLINK SKIN Kit.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, CELLINK was founded in 2016. For more than three years of establishment, they are now active in more than 50 countries across the globe. It would be impossible to be as reputable as they are right now. But with their dedication to excellence, quality services, and innovation, they are the most sought after partner for many businesses and organisations out there.

Since 2016, CELLINK has been providing researchers with innovative bioprinting technologies. What’s their main goal? CELLINK has been established to support organisations to print human organs and tissues effectively. How does printing human tissues or organs helpful? Well, it has been a great help in a variety of industries. Among the sectors that are reaping the benefits are pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Industry Benefits

From cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, these bioprinting technologies from CELLINK will reach other industries. It’s no wonder because the innovative printing solution is effective and accurate. It also leads to error-free results and great employee productivity. So, everything is possible.

The newest kits provide the company’s valued customers with tissue-specific antibodies and bioinks. Originally, these can serve as a great tool to gain accurate data about the phenotype of any tissue models. These can also enable researchers to reduce the burden, maximise their time and achieve a reliable outcome.

In a recent press release, CELLINK suggests that the insight from both model kits will help researchers and other professionals get a better understanding and more accurate information about tissue health. More than that, the bioprinting technology will assist them in creating and developing quality tissue models for cosmetic testing, drug screening, and more.

“With this launch, we strive to grow our product portfolio. We also continue to offer a high-end, effective and experts-recommended range of tools to enhance research across the globe. We invest our time and effort on our technology development and employee’s continuing education to further fulfil our goals,” CELLINK said.

Collaboration: Successful and Stress-free Launch

Launching these tissue model kits wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of Atlas Antibodies. Since then, CELLINK has been collaborating with the Swedish company because they have a more extensive expertise in antibody production or development. Atlas Antibodies is also the top-notch provider of new kits with antibodies.

Aside from the first bioink company in the world, CELLINK is a global and trusted leader in quality bioprinter systems since 2016. They hope that thru these tissue model kits, they will strengthen the company’s position in the bioink field. However, this is just the first phase in its initiative to serve the growing needs of their collaborators.

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