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1. Prepare Your Files

Please add your scene file plus any textures/assets into a zip. Then Drag and drop your zip into the file uploader box below.
This video will help you zip your files up: Once RenderNow has received your project files, your free quote and test will begin. You will be provided with a cost and test renders for confirmation.

If you are happy with the test frame/s, cost and render times, RenderNow will proceed with rendering your files.
Have any Questions?

2. Upload Your Files

Benefits of using a render farm for Cinema 4D Rendering

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What are you waiting for?

1. Upload Files

Upload your files using the options below, or email them using a file share site like WeTransfer, Dropbox or via FTP.

2. Test Render

We load your files onto our render farm and provide you with a few frames of the sequence to confirm you are happy to proceed.

3. Start Rendering

Once all files have been checked and OK’d by you or your team, we will begin rendering your project.

4. Make Payment

Once we hit 10% - 30% of your files progress we can produce final costings and send through invoice for payment.

5. Download Files

Once payment is received, we will provide you with a secure link to download your files.