Maya Rendering

What is Maya?

Maya is a professional 3D program used for producing 3D animations, games, models and visual effects. It is owned by Autodesk who is also known for other programs like 3ds Max and AutoCAD.

Rendering with Maya

It is that time again, you have reached the Maya rendering stage of your 3D project and you are seeing extremely high render times, your deadline is looming, and you need to speed it all up ASAP. Believe me…we have all been there! Fortunately, there is a remedy to this issue… it is to use a Render Farm. Using a Render Farm like ours can output your renders in a fraction of the time. This is possible because render farms will take your 3D project file and render your frames across multiple computers.

Speeding up Maya rendering

When it comes to using a Render Farm, the cost is calculated by the time that it takes to render out each frame. Therefore, making sure that your files are rendering out at the quickest time possible is key. Here are some tips to help optimise your render times:

Render samples – On most supported renderers you can reduce the samples on materials, lights and render settings. This will improve your rendering performance but can reduce the output quality and add noise. To combat this, most renderers will provide a Denoiser render pass, which can be added to reduce the noise within each frame.

Materials – As well as high sample rates within the material, high reflections can increase render times. If your project can allow a reduction in reflection this can decrease the overall render time.

Texture Maps – If the size of your textures is high, this can increase the overall render time. A reduction can help, for example reducing a texture from 1GB to 10MB.

Scene size – If your scene is too large this can cause delays when processing each frame across a render farm. You can reduce Maya scene file sizes by selecting File > Optimize Scene Size. This will remove any irrelevant information from your scene.

Once you have tested these tips out to try and speed up the Maya rendering process, feel free to contact us at RenderNow for a quote.