Metal 3D Printing – Companies Strive to Commercialise Metal AM QA System

Metal 3D Printing – Companies Strive to Commercialise Metal AM QA System

Companies Strive to Commercialise Metal 3d Printing AM Quality Assurance System

A Santa Fe-based company developer Sigma Labs has contracted a Memorandum of Understanding along with Materialise, a 3D printing software company located in Belgium. These two companies strive to unite their capabilities and know-how to create an integrated in-situ quality assurance system for metal 3D printing.

Materialise was established in 1990 and was a highly renowned company in developing innovative software for the additive sector. In specific, the company offers e-State Metal Support for metal additive manufacturing. It helps simplify the eradication of support within the post-processing phase. The company’s Mimics Innovation Suite turned out to be the very first AM software to earn approval from the Food and Drug Administration. It was presented after the launch of the ‘software as a medical device’ section.

The firm from Belgium also develops Materialise Control Platform. It is a kind of propriety algorithm utilised to manage the AM workflow in real time. For instance, MCP can be utilized to manage the temperature to preventing curling and warping. The success of the company in the past years has caught attention from some of the giant names within the sector. Some of these names include BASF, who recently invested 25 million dollars in Materialise.

Some of the issues, which could take place throughout metal 3D printing, are unpredictable quality and geometrical irregularities. It could also be a variance between two machines, which might need another parameter to 3D print a similar item.

To prevent this type of issues from happening and to devise the 3D printing procedures in real-time, Sigma Labs created PrintRite3D. In case you didn’t know yet, this is a mix of a software and hardware to be utilised in metal additive manufacturing. This package is composed of PrintRite3D CONTOUR, INSPECT and Sensorpak. The latter is suited along with hardware needed to gather information like cameras and sensors. When we talk about the software part, CONTOUR AND INSPECT backs Sensorpak. It tracks the metallurgical properties of the metal throughout the printing procedures and states any irregularities are happening.

Just recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent for PrintRite3D. What’s more, it also obtained validation in a research conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

It has been known today that the two companies will create and commercialise an integrated QA system for metal 3D printing. The created QA System will be commercialised under a joint agreement. You see, this isn’t the very first partnership between the two giant corporations. In fact, last 2014, Materialise had incorporated its management, control and AM automation software referred to as Streamics into PrintRite3D.

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