Nvidia RTX 3050 is here!

Nvidia RTX 3050 is here!

Nvidia has just announced their RTX 3050 graphics card, but where can you find it in stock?

As of right now, we don’t know how many units will be available for purchase. It seems as if it’s going to have just as much stock as all other RTX 30 series cards that were released recently with an additional Leaving Home expansion pack coming out soon too! If you want this new GPU today then act quickly before they’re gone forever. Below you can find specific models that are on sale in both countries, but they will not be around for long. 

Check out the Newegg Shuffle, which features partner cards from MSI and more! You can find an Nvidia RTX 3050 card starting at $249.99 MSRP with many different units available in this shuffle—so if you hold a winning ticket then we’ll have models for sale just waiting to be purchased based on what’s currently available at your local store or through online ordering services like Amazon Prime. We have found one listing from CCL Online for the Gigabyte RTX 3050 Gaming OC at £399. This option isn’t likely to hang around for long, so if you want this graphics card in your rig – hurry!

Check for RTX 3050 stock (US):  Best Buy | Amazon | Newegg | B&H Photo | Adorama | Walmart

Check for RTX 3050 stock (UK):  Ebuyer | Amazon | Overclockers UK | Currys | CCL | Box

It’s a great time to get in on the Nvidia RTX 3050 game, as this GPU is going fast. We know it may have been hard for some people with limited resources and access before now but if you can make your way out of poverty just long enough then there’s no telling what kind off opportunities await!

We’ll be updating our site often so bookmark us or check back regularly because without these updates from other sources too such things would never happen at all – thanks again everyone who took their chance by using an RTX Series card last year

The only way to get your hands on an Nvidia RTX 3050 is through the Newegg Shuffle, but individual listings are available. If you win it in this two hour window that will be popping up soon enough! We highly recommend selecting all options within range for maximum coverage because these won’t last long at all either so grab while supplies last




The RTX 3050 carries a starting MSRP of $249 / £239, but we’re expecting some partner cards to sell at this rate. Higher-end option options might come in close to double today’s price range as well!

The RTX 3050 offers one of the best graphics cards for gaming on a strict budget, but if you’re looking to purchase this hardware in portable configuration we recommend checking out laptop deals once launch frenzy has quietened down.

RTX 3050... Don't get fooled by the marketing...

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