Protolabs Reveals Metal 3D Printing Production

Protolabs Reveals Metal 3D Printing Production

Protolabs Reveals Metal 3D Printing Production

One of the biggest and premier digital manufacturing firm Protolabs has finally released a production service for metal 3D printing. Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is the newest offering of the company. This has been invented to help consumers generate high-quality and performance-quality metal 3D printed parts. It was developed to incorporate industry-appropriate quality inspection processes along with the client.

Global Product Manager at Protolabs Greg Thompson said that the engineers and designers they work within sectors such as medical technology and aerospace are preferred additive manufacturing for complicated parts in high-requirement purposes. In fact, the new production skills aid them to boost their designs. This enables them to improve their performance, cut expenses and associate supply chains as well.

Protolabs provides digital manufacturing services from twelve different locations across the globe, along with the location in Maple Plain, Minnesota. Currently, they have 77,000 square feet facility situated in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is accountable for accomplishing the 3D printing orders of the company for North America. It also accommodates over one hundred additive manufacturing systems for polymer and metal fabrication.

For their location in Europe, the 3D printing is managed by two different facilities situated close in Munich, Germany. The company still has plans to reorganise those facilities soon even though it is a bit minor than their North Carolina flagship. They strive to transform it into a showpiece for their 3D printing operations in Europe.

What’s more, the company is also the founding member of Additive Manufacturing Consortium of MIT and GE Additive Manufacturing Partner Network. Just lately, Protolabs participated in a high profile project by working with GEI. They were involved for New York’s MET Gala, which allows them to assist manufacture and design eveningwear for Zac Posen, a fashion designer.

The company also included over 25 Concept Laser Mlab as well as M2 Machines from GE Additive, allowing them to support its development in Direct Metal Laser Sintering.

The exiting drive of the company across each of its business segments is to shift from prototyping into production. Holt explains they need to adjust their offers a little bit, as corporations prefer to utilise their company for production items. This is mainly because upfront engineering happens to conclude the part for end use. What’s more, they also need to work on their quality control plans along with their clients as they receive those high-requirement projects. They need to guarantee they meet their requirements for the production part.

Currently, the Direct Metal Laser Sintering is AS9100D and ISO 9001 certified. It offers industry-accepted quality application and standards within the aerospace industry. The company plans to use secondary processes to enhance the cosmetic look, dimensional preciseness and strength of metal parts. This will cover heat treatments, reaming, tapping, as well as post-process machining for the parts.

Protolabs is dedicated to servicing the requirements of their clients with the product life cycle across both additive and conventional manufacturing procedures.

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