Rendering with 3ds Max 2018

Rendering with 3ds Max 2018

Rendering with 3ds Max 2018


3Dsmax is one of our top supported software at RenderNow.  Here are a few bits of  information on what’s new to 3Dsmax 2018:

Motion Paths:

Motion paths let you preview the path of animated objects. You can adjust motion paths directly in the viewport using transforms, and convert them to and from splines.

3ds Max Interactive

3ds Max Interactive is a real-time engine that gives you tools to create immersive and virtual reality (VR) content. By combining the powerful 3D modeling and animation tools of 3ds Max with new tools for interactive experiences. With 3ds Max Interactive, you can produce visually stunning games, architectural walkthroughs, or any other immersive, interactive experience.

Customisable workspaces

The Workspaces feature lets you switch quickly among any number of different interface setups. It can restore custom arrangements of toolbars, menus, viewport layout presets, and so on. Match your UI to the way you think and work with a more responsive, modern and customisable user experience.


View MAX files using Forge Viewer in a web browser to review and share assets.

3ds Max Data Channel Modifier

Extract information directly from a model, which you can use to help inform other types of modifications.

 Blended Box Map

Use the Blended Box Map to simplify the process of blended projected texture maps, allowing you to easily customize the maps and output.

This information is referenced from Autodesk. For further information please visit: