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Get Your Free Test And Price Now

Once RenderNow has your files, a selection of test images will be sent through for you to check. If these are correct we will supply you with a more accurate cost completely free of charge.

What Next?

Prepare Your Files While you wait!

While you wait for an email from the RenderNow Team you could be preparing your files ready for rendering. Below are a few tutorials on the most commonly used software. With anything else please jump on the live chat.

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Or you can send your project files using a variety of file share sites like WeTransfer ( Dropbox and Google Drive. Please send your files to this email address

Once we have your files, we will test them for any errors or missing assets. We will then send through some test images for you to check. If these images are correct we will supply you with a more accurate cost and time free of charge. If you’re happy with the cost and sample images provided, we will proceed with rendering your files ASAP so you can get back to finishing your project in no time.


Please note: Our office hours (9am-5pm UK) Monday-Friday. If you are contacting us during out-of-office hours, it might take up to 12 before we get back to you.

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