Thanos Endgame VFX Tutorial

Thanos Endgame VFX Tutorial

Allan McKay Free tutorial, details below.

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Learn how to create VFX using tyFlow & Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max VFX in 3DS Max 2020. This Visual Effects tutorial covers how to create smoke simulations, ash FX, fluid simulations and advanced particle techniques to create a Thanos Endgame Avengers Visual Effects.

You will learn Chaos Group phoenix FD and Tyson Ibele tyflow 3ds max plugin to re-create effects based around Avengers Endgame Visual Effects. Understand how to create fluids and how to create particles using dynamic simulations and feature film vfx techniques to create fluid simulation smoke and particle fx of Ash, Fracture FX and rigid body simulations.

Use noise and turbulence to simulate smoke and volumetric rendering with global illumination and understand creature sub surface scattering shaders inside of V-Ray to recreate photorealistic film lighting inside of Chaos Group V-Ray Next. Using 3ds Max 2020 and also compositing in After Effects, Blackmagic Design Fusion and also The Foundry Nuke – learn to composite in multiple compositing tutorials on feature film visual effects techniques.

Inside of this visual effects tutorial, learn how to use tyflow plugin to create ash FX and particle FX. During the Avengers Infinity war there are many critical visual effects sequences in the 3rd act of the film – including Thor’s lightning FX and Thanos Portal VFX but also the Avengers Decimation ash FX that Weta Digital was responsible for. For this VFX tutorial I wanted to share some of the techniques I developed for Avengers Endgame and showcase many VFX techniques I used on the film. I brought on one of the character animators from Avengers Infinity War at Industrial Light + Magic (ILM) to create the character animation for the Thanos VFX and I want to share with you the thanos zbrush chracter model fully animated ready for this Thanos Visual Effects tutorial. As well as using Chaos Group V-Ray Next rendering in 3DS Max 2020 to render all of these visual effects out.

I want this to be a portal for us to learn together for the Thanos VFX. So that you can understand all aspects of feature film vfx production such as using lights, compositing and of course FX simulations.

Whether you use tyflow or particle flow, or thinking particles, houdini, cinema 4D (c4d) or even Blender or Maya – you are welcome to learn how to create these FX inside of this tutorial video and apply the VFX training to any of these packages – I am giving you with alembic files to easily load into any 3D software package to follow along.

Learn to create complete VFX shots and build a strong visual effects career and skill sets inside of the VFX industry.

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