Top 10 Amazing Blender Short Animations

Top 10 Amazing Blender Short Animations

There are tons of Blender movies worth watching out there! In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 free films made with blender.

What’s more powerful than a free and open-source 3D creation suite? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at one of the best: Blender. Used for tasks ranging from particle simulation to video editing – even creating entire films! This program has it all covered with its ease in use.

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Founded in 2007, The Blender Institute is a branch of the Foundation that focuses on developing 3D animated films made entirely with this program. So far they’ve produced 12 open project short videos and are working towards an official full-length feature film; some these have made our list!

Independent artists have used Blender to make short films that are both award-winning and critically acclaimed. The use of this open source software is helping push the boundaries in film production, bringing more diversity into an industry which until now relied heavily upon expensive hardware tools like 3D animation packages from companies such as Sony Pictures Animation or Disney Feature Animation Studios.

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10 Animated Shorts created in Blender


What does it feel like to be someone who stands out in a world of sameness? Though this can sometimes lead us down dark paths and provide the basis for utopias with unhappy endings, the father tries to keep things light as he tries teach his son about being “right” from their point-of views.

Coffee Run

With an international team of designers, this film depicts a young woman running through her memories fueled by coffee. The bittersweet production was created at the Blender Institute and its design reflects their focus on creating open-source content for users all around the world to enjoy no matter their skill level or background in 3D graphics!

Cosmos Laundromat

The “Cosmos Laundromat,” a Dutch production created by Blender Institute artists. Intended as an experiment in storytelling and design for possible future feature-length film!


“Darrel” is a fun and clever wordless story with enjoyable music that’s perfect for viewers of all ages. This short tells the tale two chameleons waiting at an underground station, just like any other day!


What a wonderful father and son robot pairing! The little bot learns how to walk in this charming film, which features emotional bonding between the two. It’s got an amazing soundtrack too–perfect for watermelon picking or playing beside lakes during summer vacation time (I hope).

Hammer, Nails, & Wood

“Hammer, Nails & Wood” is a story about the lone carpenter who lives and works in his workshop by himself. He has many tools that keep him company through hard times but there’s always one more important than all of them: words themselves!


This short, “Lighthouse” is a commissioned film from Liberty Mutual and was made by Promotion Studios in both US & Australia. The emotionally moving story centers around the tale of one lighthouse keeper who faces an intense moment with rescue-not knowing if it will be coming for him or not!


When the Blender Institute created “Sintel,” they wanted it to be both intense and heartfelt. The end result was a stunning 2-year project that will leave you in tears!


The latest must-see film made with Blender, “Spring” is a relatively new production that was created by the blender Institute exclusively using 2.7 and beta versions of version 3 (the latter being utilized while still in development).

The Missing Scarf

“This short film is a dark existential comedy with interesting philosophical and psychological observations. Using low-poly character modeling, the animals in this forest are depicted as they encounter one another for whatever reason–usually because it’s their turn to die.”

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