Virtual Reality is Transforming the Future of Star Wars

Virtual Reality is Transforming the Future of Star Wars

Virtual Reality is Transforming the Future of Star Wars

Star Wars, an American space media franchise, becomes more popular through its virtual reality experiences which transforms the future of entertainment of those who seek media engagement into a different level. Star Wars VR is an innovative product that combines most of our beloved sci-fi properties into the digital and physical play.

Star wars media franchise anchors top gross selling films in the movie industry and have spawned multiple tv series. Fact check: one of the box office hit amongst this roster of films is the Star Wars the Force Awakens which accumulates total sales of  $936 million followed by the Star Wars: The Last Jedi with $620 million of total sales.   Their popularity continuously increases over time. Keeping this record in the market requires them to dive into an interactive engagement, which potentially increases the overarching narrative of Lucas films. Thus, one modern approach is providing Star Wars experiences through virtual reality.  As sci-fi context is a match for fantasy realms of virtual reality.

Magic Leap found interest in making Star Wars virtual reality experiences. According to Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap, his company developers have created crazy mixed realities experiences in collaboration with Lucas film’s ILMxLab. Also, the collaboration of ILMxLAB, the VOID, and the Lucasfilm Story Group, Secrets of the Empire can create links between familiar characters like Cassian and K-2SO, with the involvement of their original actors.

Evidence showed that the success of virtual reality has a significant effect in building more forms of entertainment platforms which can be in the form of movies, installation of themed parks and many more. For instance, the success of both Westfield Stratford and the Westfield Shepherd’s Bush installations of Secrets of the Empire in London, have established suggestions for establishing a permanent location in the city. In addition to that, The VOID had established a good working relationship with the Cinemark Movie chain.  With this sense, we can say that Star Wars VR could come into play into this theme park and could transform the future of entertainment.

The constant innovation crafted Star Wars longevity in the media entertainment industry. Part of their latest innovative approach is emerging into virtual reality. Virtual reality augments technological advancements in terms of putting up all the interactions of all the mesh, lights and other objects rendered into every single frame of the scenes through render farm.  These computer-generated images are made possible by exceptional render farms. Most animated graphics are done through 3D Maya render farm. They are the ones responsible for bringing into another level of cinematic experience. Like in the Star Wars films.

Indeed, virtual reality offers something new and in a form of a higher level of experience that traditional cinematic output cannot. With Star Wars having so much of a timespan with greater possibilities to happen, virtual reality could bridge the gaps of Star Wars films and potentially keeps its position to its future films.

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