Nahimic Presents Enhanced 3D Audio to Movies and Music of Mac

Nahimic Presents Enhanced 3D Audio to Movies and Music of Mac

Nahimic Presents Enhanced 3D Audio to Movies and Music of Mac

Nahimicdoesn’t need any introduction to PC gamers, who have enjoyed its audio software on laptops created by Asus, MSI, and others. The same cannot be said for Mac users, but Nahimic is seeking to change this with a basic software download.

Nahimic, a long-time creator of enhanced audio for video games recently launched Nahimic for Mac. The company brings real-time processing of Mac’s audio from any app. This device is designed to improve movies and music. What’s more, they demoed it along with music and movies and the results were remarkable.

The company utilised the app at the CES 2018 show to spotlight its new spatialisation software for the Mac. Once you download it to your MacBook, it is the same as incorporating 3D audio to your laptop along with sounds as if its showing all-around you. This is true even if you are listening from the built-in speakers of your laptop.

However, does this software work? Jam-packed and deafening trade events are not the perfect places for testing audio, but the company set up a booth which did it’s very best to stop the atmosphere sounds of CES, so the demo can emphasise the auditory streaming out of a MacBook Pro.

Seeing a movie trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, everyone can hear the dialogue, sound effects, and music of the movie swirling around them. Audiophiles might drawback at soothing it a real 3D audio experience. Nonetheless, it evidently appeared to improve the sound that comes out of the MacBook.

Nahimic for Mac mixes all of the spatiality and depth of sound from its top products to offer users with 3D audio on 7.1 and 5.1 channels. The patented 3D surround solution of Nahimic gets an audio boost, for a clearer and louder sound quality, with no sound distortion. It also includes a simulated bass sound effect for overall immersion while watching movies or listening to music.

Nahimic markets its Mac offering as perfect for both blasting music or Netflix binge sessions out of your laptop. For that reason, the software enables you to change settings to specify whether you are listening to movies or music. If the first, you can further opt to highlight dialogue or generate a much-balanced sound. If you are listening via headphones, the software of Nahimic allows you to calibrate audio there as well.

There is one big catch though. That’s because Nahimic is not selling the app out-and-out. They only offer it through an annual subscription of $35 that is quite costly for an audio enhancement software. Luckily, the company is also providing a 14-day demo free of charge. So for those who wish to experience the 3D audio feel, they can try it out and check if it’s worth their money.

Meanwhile, for those who do not have a Mac yet, the firm is already working on a Windows version for something later this year.