After Effects Rendering – Getting After Effects render ready

After Effects Rendering – Getting After Effects render ready

After Effects Rendering

Getting After Effects render ready

After Effects rendering, I’m sure we have all been there,  4 hours to go on your client’s deadline and your After Effects file is saying 10 hours to render.  Fear not, there is a solution and it is a render farm. There are many farms out there that support After Effects, ours included.  Rendering your After Effects competitions works exactly the same as any other 3D software.  Your files frames will be separated across multiple computers reducing the total render time.  We have put together a list of pointers  below to help get your file ready for rendering:

  1. Make sure all assets are provided along with the After Effects file.  There needs to be a clear link to an asset folder when rendering on another system or you run the risk of missing sections within the footage.
  2. Please notify your chosen Render farm with any plugins you are using within After Effects.  This is a very important thing to remember before proceeding with a render farm as they may not be supported on their farm.
  3. Just like any other rendering project to get the best deal possible from your render farm provide them with as much time as possible.  Most render farms, ours included, do offer fast turnaround service via the use of our higher powered rendering machines, this does come at an increased cost with all rendering farms.
  4. Also with render farms, only frames can be rendered out across multiple computers.  Some render farms offer a second render option to render the rendered frames into a video format like a .mp4.  This is an option we here at RenderNow supply our customers.
  5. Another key factor many people forget when using a render farm is upload and download times. If you require a large format output like .TIFF or .EXR, which hold no compression, these can have a huge upload and download time depending on your internet. If possible we would suggest using an output of .PNGs or .JPEGs to make sure you get your files on time.
  6. Finally, make sure the correct composition resolution is set before sending the file. This size can also affect the rendering time.

Hope you find these quick pointers helpful and feel free to contact us at RenderNow for a quote.