Render farms for students

Render farms for students

Render farms for students

Most render farms provide students with discounts for their projects. If you are ever unsure about this a simple phone call to your desired farm will confirm the details.

Student discount rates:

When it comes to discount rates these vary by farm and requirements. You will find most render farms use a rendering point system and will offer higher discounts for the more points you purchase. Also they will offer higher discounts for longer deadlines. So preparation is key to get the best discount.

File preparation for rendering:

Once you’re ready to get your quote you will need to do the following to get your student project ready for rendering:

– First make sure the farm supports the software you are using.

– Next make sure you have set all the correct settings within the renderer. (resolution, frame range, output .etc)

–  You will need to send over all assets and textures with correct names to relink your textures within the file

– Select the correct cameras for rendering. If you have multiple separate cameras notify them which to render.

– Most will suggest sending the files through a file sharing site like  WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google drive.

RenderNow Discounts:

We at RenderNow offer students a standard rate of 20% off all projects. On top of this we will provide higher discounts for the more credits purchased.

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