Cinema 4D Rendering

What Is Cinema 4D?

Cinema 4D is a 3D software solution developed by Maxon. It is used for 3D modeling, animations, simulations, and rendering.

Rendering with Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D rendering can be an overlooked stage of your design pipeline. We have all been there and reached the final render, thinking that it will be easy enough to get the file outputted in time for the deadline, only to find an unbelievable render time ahead. We are your solution…use a render farm. A render farm like ours can speed up the rendering process, they render your 3D files across multiple render nodes (computers). Costs are then calculated based on the time that each frame takes to render on the farm. When using a render farm, then frames can be rendered in a fraction of the time compared to the time that it will take you to render.

Reducing Cinema 4D render times

Here are a few tips to help reduce Cinema 4D render times:

  • Global Illumination: This gives the render a high-quality finish but can increase render times. If this can be removed from your render completely, then it can dramatically reduce the render times. Render farms like ours can also reuse global illumination cache files processed from the client’s workstation, having these can help also.
  • Motion blur: Some animations have motion blur built into the scene, this can take some time for Cinema 4D to process on each frame. Outsourcing a second compositing system that can simply add this effect can be a better solution.
  • Make sure you don’t have all of your quality settings on High (Anti-aliasing, GI, AO, Reflections). In most cases, you can reduce these settings and get very similar rendering results but for far quicker render times.
  • Adjust the type of shadows you have on your lights. Physically accurate setting will increase your render times, when another type of shadow can be just as good but far less expensive for rendering.
  • Make sure any Reflective on Transparent materials are actually needed, as reflections will dramatically increase render times.

If you have tested these tips out in order to speed up your Cinema 4d rendering process, then feel free to contact us at RenderNow for a quote.